This web page presents artworks from the Museum of Islamic Art collection (Cairo, Egypt) that relate to Sultan Qalawun and his descendants and military. Seeing the actual shapes and designs of pieces from that time, and picturing how they would have been used, tells us more about how the sultans and other ruling class of that age lived.

Ms. Rasha Gamal, head of the Museum of Islamic Art’s education division, has kindly provided the photos and explanatory notes for the pieces seen here. To provide additional context in appreciating these photos and explanatory notes, the Qalawun VR Project has in some cases included supplementary materials and information from other museums and collections.

The Museum of Islamic Art has many other pieces on exhibit, some of which can be viewed on their website. For more information, please visit (

We would like to thank Hikari Urushi (Waseda University Graduate School) and Eri Degawa (Chiba University Graduate School) for their work in putting together this web page. We very much appreciate their efforts and assistance.